Watch: Meet Rising Pop Star Conan Gray

Thursday June 30, 2022

Singer Conan Gray
Singer Conan Gray  (Source:Instagram / @conangray)

Rising pop star Conan Gray released his second album "Superache" last week after first breaking out on YouTube where he uploaded his music as a teen nearly a decade ago. On his new album, People Magazine said, he is "wearing his heart on his sleeve as each song, described as 'diary entries' by the singer, reflects on tumultuous relationships, family struggle and most importantly, 'unreciprocated love.'"

"To me, it [the album] hopefully means that there will be a few more people in the world who will feel like they're not alone in their situation, and that they will be able to find some comfort in the fact that I am also absolutely ridiculous, and also handle pain in the same ridiculous way," Gray, 23, told the magazine.

He went on to say, however, he has never actually been "in love."

"I've been heartbroken. I've loved people and have had them not love me back, and that's kind of when I get heartbroken," he said. "I think that true love is a reciprocated thing. Otherwise it's mostly just infatuation or something."

In a profile for The New York Times, writer Jeremy Gordon noted that Gray sets himself apart from his contemporaries "with a reflective distance in his songwriting. Rather than solely marinating in his feelings, he has an instinct for perceiving the larger picture, as well as for accepting the melancholic cool-down that inevitably follows heartbreak."

"Part of what makes Conan is the way he's connecting so directly to this entire generation of kids who grew up on the internet," said Gray's manager Eddie Wintle. "As long as he continues to do that, I feel that the sky's the limit in terms of what he can achieve."

Gray's audience massively grew in 2017 when he released the song "Idle Town," which went viral and led him to drop out of his first year at UCLA and sign a deal with Republic Records, the NY Times said.

"They saw what we saw," Wintle said, "which is the belief that he could be a huge star. And they were very open to making sure that they weren't trying to mold him into something that he wasn't."

After releasing his debut in March of 2020, the pandemic halted a number of his plans, including a tour, but it also sparked the creative process for "Superache."

"It took a while to figure out what we were making," Dan Nigro, who produced "Superache" and has worked on nearly all of Gray's post-YouTube music, told the NY Times. Nigro, who also produced Olivia Rodrigo's incredibly popular "Sour" album last year, added that after making singles "Astronomy" and "People Watching" it "gave us the confidence to be like, 'OK, we have the beginnings of something really special.'"

As pandemic restrictions eased over the last few months, Gray has performed at Coachella, and stunned at the Met Gala by wearing silver shimmering pants and giant white platform shoes. He's also noted for his friendships with Rodrigo and Taylor Swift.

"In the past few years, I've really grown to see that I have to let myself make mistakes, if I want to grow and not be this stunted human being," he said. "It took Dan and my friends being like, 'Who cares?' It's better to be sad than feel nothing at all," he told the Times.

Gray has also made headlines for his fashion choices, like his custom-made hot pink Valentino look at Coachella.

"Gray is of course no stranger to stellar tour style. Earlier this month, Gray played at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver wearing a beaded vest and sheer top. Last month in New York, he also sang wearing a frilly white blouse and embroidered blazer," Vogue said. "But his Coachella look was debatably one of his chicest yet: Gray wore a long, sheer dress that moved and swayed in the wind to dramatic effect. Underneath, he paired the dress with monochromatic trousers, and then accessorized with matching opera gloves and sky-high platforms. Because more is always more!"

He also was the June 2022 cover star for Paper Magazine where he is interviewed by pop songwriter and singer Julia Michaels.

Take a look at some of his fashion highlights below.