Getting Out More? Make Sure Your Dog Is Ready, Too!

Tuesday April 6, 2021

Cami Cacciatore, Paw CBD

Quarantine, working from home, virtual, well, everything... It's been a really long year in pandemic mode. One thing that helped many of us was having our four-legged family members snuggle with us on the couch while we adapted to living inside and social distancing.

Now, it's spring, and we're ready to be more active with our furry friends. Hiking, day trips, dog parks — anything to get back to normal(ish). If warmer weather and fewer restrictions have you headed outside, consider these "getting out" guidelines for your canine companion.

1. Get Back to Basics

Just like us, our dogs have gone a while without spending time in public places. Returning to a favorite spot or meeting a bunch of over-excited pups at the park might be a little overwhelming. That's why it's important to get back to basics and refresh their training, so they can play nice with both dogs and people.

Brush up on safety commands, so they will sit, stay, come, or "drop it" when told. If your doggo is still young or new to your family, consider socialization or training sessions to make sure they're ready to get out there with you and safely enjoy their newfound friends and freedom.

2. Take It Slow

A lot of us spent a good part of the last year indoors (and, let's face it, on the couch). Even if you got a fancy exercise bike for the holidays, your dog didn't, so as with any new workout routine, it's best to ease back into increased activity. Start slow and work up to longer walks, runs, and play sessions. Just like you, your dog needs time to adapt to more movement and regular exercise.

Taking it slow applies to social interaction, too! It may have been a while since our pups have been around other dogs or people — so they will be adjusting to new situations. While most dogs are excited to meet and greet, give them some time to get used to their expanded social circles. Make sure to watch for signs of stress and know when they need a break and some quiet time.

3. Don't Overdo It

We pretty much all have cabin fever at this point and can't wait to get out and find some fun. While we're all eager to make up for the lost time, make sure you and your best friend don't overdo it. Dogs love to play, sometimes too much or too hard (especially younger dogs). We want them to enjoy themselves, but not to the point where they over-exert or cause injury.

Safely returning to a more active lifestyle is especially important if you have an older dog or a breed prone to hip or joint issues. Exercise is good for them and keeps them in shape, but like us, they can overextend themselves. Make sure they take it easy and that your playful pup, no matter their age, is having just the right amount of fun without strain or injury.

4. Support Them with Paw CBD for Pets

As you and your dog get back into the swing of things, consider adding CBD to their revamped routine. Paw CBD's premium, hemp-derived CBD for pets includes CBD oil tinctures, treats, chews, and even CBD peanut butter to help complement everyday wellness, manage signs of daily stress, maintain a sense of calm, and support physical comfort. Every veterinarian-formulated Paw CBD product is third-party, ISO-certified lab tested for purity and potency — and THC-free* for your pet's safety.

If your faithful friend needs extra comfort and care, Paw CBD's specialty formulas can help. CBD Calming Oil and Calming Chews provide support for overly anxious or excitable puppies who need a little help to relax and stay calm. And their Hip+Joint Chews are the perfect option if your doggo overdoes it at playtime or has hip and joint issues due to age, size, or breed.

No matter how you plan to enjoy some newfound freedom, make sure your best friend is ready, too. Follow these simple tips, and you'll both be ready to get back outside and enjoy the world again!

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