Watch: 6 Sexy Ab Workouts to Do at Home

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday April 26, 2021
Originally published on April 25, 2021

Those abs aren't going to appear on their own. But a combination of targeted workouts and healthy eating can get you on track. A six-pack isn't just to gain traffic on your dating profile either. According to CNET, a strong core can help prevent injuries, improve performance for all the activities you love to do, increases longevity by improving stability (which may prevent slips and falls), and help with an overall quality of life. Whatever your reason, it's always helpful to find inspiration. Here are six of the best ab workouts for home.

"If you're interested in building a six-pack or shredding some weight, stick around for this video," says Tomi Awoderu, who created the platform MiDASMVMT to merge his fitness and entrepreneurial interests. This introductory video is a great starting point for those new to working out. And with dozens of videos, you'll find plenty more inspiration for the weeks to come.

Fitness expert Chris Heria has more than 6.7 million followers on his YouTube channel, THENX. No equipment is needed, but slow and steady wins the race with this high-performance 30-minute workout.

"This one is going to be intense," says MadFit's Maddie Lymburner, whose wellness channel includes workouts, recipes and tips for a healthy holistic lifestyle.

Short on time? Troy Adashun says, "This light dumbbell ab workout is designed to grow your abs and help you sculpt a better 6-pack as fast as possible!"But you'll have to do more than just watch the video.

Who says you need to lay on your back and crunch for the ultimate ab workout? Nairobi-based Brian Syuki's latest workout can be done standing. He also suggests giving the workout a try at least three times before moving on — not difficult with the 80s-inspired soundtrack!

Vivian Yaun offers another standing ab workout. She's a KPOP fitness fanatic and recently released a free 11-day challenge filled with KPOP workouts and meal plan.

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