Colton Underwood Teases Sexy Workout Pics

Tuesday May 11, 2021

When he came out, Colton Underwood wiped his Instagram account clean — a fresh start, so to speak. Since coming back, he has only posted a few times, including a thirst-trapping shirtless slide show that confirms what he wrote on the post: "this year i prioritized my health. physically and mentally."

To reach that goal, the 29-year old Bachelor, who famously came out a month ago, posted a few pics, some black-and-white, some color, on his Instagram Stories account on Saturday of himself working out and taking a Peloton class.

In one of the black-and-whites, he's shirtless and sweaty, with a towel on his head with the word "drippy" to his left. In the second he's dropped the towel and stands shirtless in a gym as he does exercises with the word @sweetsweat across his mouth.

"The reality television star tagged fitness supplement brand Sweet Sweat in the pic, giving fans some insight into how he's become so built," wrote the Daily Mail.

Underwood took Tunde Oyeneyin's 20-minute Pop Ride class and ranked at 281 out of the 7,058 who have taken it so far.

"At one point, he turned his phone's camera on himself to show how exhausted he was while handling his bike without any hands," wrote the DM.

"Colton responded to fans asking for his Peloton ID and revealed that it's 'ColtonSU,' allowing them to now look at his profile and track his workouts."