Fatphobic Trump Only Wanted Buff Secret Service Agents

Tuesday May 18, 2021

Secret Service agents protecting Donald Trump needed to be buff. "According to Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig's new book 'Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service,' which comes out Tuesday, Trump asked to have agents removed if they were too plump or too short," according to the Daily Mail.

Leonnig's book is described as the first definitive account of the rise and fall of the Secret Service, from the Kennedy assassination to the alarming mismanagement of the Obama and Trump years, right up to the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.

But what's making headlines is her reporting on Trump's vetting process.

"I want these fat guys off my detail," Trump said, according to an excerpt obtained by The Guardian. "How are they going to protect me and my family if they can't run down the street?"

Secret Service agents must be able to run a mile and a half in under 11 minutes and 44 seconds, as well as do 20 push-ups in less than a minute. But with Trump, optics ruled — he wanted everyone around him to appear out of "central casting," a term he used at his 2017 inauguration when describing Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

As per the Daily Mail, Leonnig also cites an incident concerning an August 2019 incident in which "Trump's former personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout left her White House position after telling reporters at a dinner that he didn't like posing for pictures with his daughter Tiffany Trump because 'he perceived her as overweight.'"

There are also claims that "two members of the Trump family — Donald Trump Jr's now ex-wife, Vanessa, and Tiffany Trump — got too cozy with members of their Secret Service detail. Secret Service agents cannot have romantic affairs with the people they're protecting."