Watch: Melbourne Muscular Therapies Seduces with Gratuitous Glute Massage

Sunday August 8, 2021
Originally published on August 3, 2021

  (Source:Melbourne Muscular Therapies/YouTube)

Whether you work out or work from your home office, you've likely incurred a muscle kink or two. With more than 650 muscles in the human body, it's only a matter of time before one of them knots up.

Australia's Melbourne Muscular Therapies practices solidified connective tissue release (SCT release), which is self-described as "a form of deep, precision-based myofascial release and remedial massage which alleviates the body of pain, stiffness, tension, aches, and blockages." But a video is worth a thousand words. Released in late July, the company's deep glute massage video has been viewed more than 355,000 times. See why:

This isn't the first time Melbourne Muscular Therapies has gone below the belt to reveal their massage methodologies. Here's a look at a few more of its most popular treatment videos: