5 Masks to Rescue Your Parched Winter Skin

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday January 20, 2023

5 Masks to Rescue Your Parched Winter Skin

Winter isn't only brutal on the skin because of freezing temperatures and whipping winds, but also because of the dry heat pumped into our homes, offices, and cars. What all this means is that even those of us with pretty robust skincare routines often find ourselves looking in the mirror and wondering what went wrong.

But don't fret! While you don't necessarily need to overhaul your entire routine (except for maybe a thicker moisturizer), regular masking can make a world of difference. Here are five worth trying:

Kat Burki Vital Hydration Blast

Intensely moisturizing and hydrating, this soothing mask combines neuropeptides and Pro B vitamins to work at the base level of our skin to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid doubles down on the moisture. 20 minutes a couple times a week is all you need to totally bring your skin back to life. $140, Kat Burki.

Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask

This botanical-based mask soothes, hydrates, and even reduces redness. That uncomfortable, tight feeling that can sometimes accompany winter skin is completely relieved with this luxe mask. Even better, you can leave it on as an overnight mask for an even more intense treatment. $98, Nordstrom.

PCA Skin Hydrating Mask

You can never go wrong with PCA Skin, and this incredibly soothing face mask is no exception. Panthenol, oat milk extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, arnica, and cucumber extract work wonders on dry, angry skin. This one is so gentle that you can even use it under your eyes for a quick refresh. $67, Dermstore.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask

Infused with medical-grade marine algae, hyaluronic acid, and magnesium, this two-step mask is as effective as it is fun to use. It's like a giant glass of water for the skin and peeling it off is intensely gratifying. $52, Dr. Dennis Gross.

Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Cream Mask

Formulated with quince seed extract, rose wax, and shea butter, this just might be the richest mask on this list, and it's also the least expensive. Not only does it hydrate, protect, and moisturize, but it encourages elasticity, renews the epidermis, and soothes dry, flaking skin. You can really load your face up with this one, and your skin will thank you later. $35, Lovely Skin.